Illuminated Table


Can design encapsulate a memory? 

"In the Fall, I went camping in Brookville, Indiana. Throughout the weekend, I experienced moments of extreme calm and clarity. While floating down the river, I beached myself on a bed of shallow rock. In this moment of stillness, the river continued to move all around me. I could see the rock below through the crystal clear water, and for the first time, I was able to vividly see the natural beauty surrounding me. Later that evening, I watched thousands of beautiful sparks float into the sky from the campfire. It was peaceful and meditative to watch."



To achieve the cylindrical form, the tree stump was turned on the lathe and smoothed with sandpaper. 

The center was then hollowed out with a Forstner bit on the drill press and smoothed out with a hand scrapper. 

A vertical channel was drilled from the bottom of the stump and a horizontal channel was filed out to conceal the electrical cord.

Finally, the laser cutter was used to etch and cut the acrylic table top.